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Benefits of membership:

Fellowship – OK – Truth is, not everybody loves trains. However,  everybody in the club loves trains, and it is nice to be with a group of friendly people that ALSO like trains as much as you do. Many of us enjoy rail fanning in the area along with modelling the trains.

train depot

A real layout –Many of us left a basement full of trains when we moved to the Tucson area. We learned that due to the rock hard desert landscape,  there are very few basements in Southern Arizona. A large layout at home is not an option. Members have access to the Green Valley layout where we have a 20 by 50 room filled with NTrak modules. It changes several times a year (as of this writing it is set up as two 16 by 20 layouts).  We have been set up with a 40+ foot straight, and nothing makes a 100 car train look good like a long straight. Visitors love seeing the trains and scenery and we love to run out trains.


Access to “experts” – We have club members who understand how scenery should be done, members who know how to troubleshoot wiring. Some like to super-detail locomotives and cars.  Some like to weather the train cars to look like the real thing. A few even add graffiti, although it is frowned upon by those who model earlier times. Lots of expertise is available. There are builders, tinkerers and engineers. All are welcome.


Save money – We have an agreement with one of the larger suppliers to provide a discount to club members. We also gain free admission to train shows and swap meets when we have a display layout. Members are expected to pitch in with set up and tear down, of course, but that is fun too.

If you are interested in model trains, especially N Scale model trains, out club would welcome you as a member. No experience is required, and like any hobby you can spend as much, or as little as you want.IMG_1752

Our Mission: We are a not for profit social club whose theme is N scale model railroading. We enjoy the model train hobby and as a club we are actively participating in it and promoting it.

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  1. David H. Herbig says:

    I am a novice at model railroading. I would like to attend your meetings and learn the aspects of N scale model railroads, I am a snow bird from MN, here in Tucson from early December to mid April. Please provide information on time, day and location of your meetings. I would be very willing to help with what the club would need.


    1. We would be happy to meet you, could you use the link on the contact page to send me an email and I can give you details.. It is much easier to communicate that way. Or email Thanks


    2. David – please respond on email through the web site, the message system by the web host is not easy to use. Our working session is in Green Valley on wednesdays. That is the best place to meet and discuss trains and modelling. I can send you directions if you give me your email. I look forward to meeting you. Ed


  2. Charles Young says:

    Hello, have been a model rail road enthusiast for most of my life. I am 73 years old and live in tucson. I started out with HO and had a layout for many years when I lived in New York. 20 years ago I started collecting N scale locomotives and cars. I am interested in joining your club.


    1. We would welcome you to the club, please use the email link if you need to contact us, or we will see you Wednesdays at the Green Valley layout. We run from 9 to 1.


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