Green Valley Village Layout

May 15, 2022

During the summer,  we are open first and third Wednesday from 9-1 during Green Valley Farmer’s Market.  We also are open most special events at Green Valley. Stop in during your Farmers Market visit and enjoy the detailed modeling and comfortable temperatures inside. We have been here 5 years in space 55. Please follow safety precautions and  maintain social distance.

We have a  large display with running trains and great models. It takes over 10 minutes for a typical train to run the entire layout. Bring the kids of all ages (just please don’t touch). Admission is free. We run multiple trains simultaneously using digital control to run multiple engines on the same tracks..



Click here for Google Maps

Or if you like written directions: our address is 101 S La Canada Dr.

located at the corner of I-19 & Esperanza Blvd  in Green Valley, Arizona.
Location is Green Valley Village on Esparanza Blvd off I-19 exit 65

Turn right off I 19,then left next to (closed) Texaco Gas station.

Tucson Ntrak Club is located in Space 55, look for the big MODEL TRAINS sign in the window.

Space 55 is  behind the Ace Hardware store  behind Moqah Coffee shop. Enter from the courtyard. The mall is nicely spread out, so please find us on the map .Map of the mall

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