Summer hours end September 1 and we are back to being open every week. Some regulars are still travelling, we need people to sign up. We need to stay open to fulfill our obligations to Green Valley Village Mall. Club members are welcome to run other days on their own.

Sign up for days by contacting the club email or Ed Moses. If you want to run a partial day, let us know and we can try to accommodate.

If you are not seeing a monthly note from the club, let us know by contacting the email above.

Sept 8 Jim and Pete

Sept 15 Pete and Ron

Sept 22 – Ed and Pete and Ron

Sept 29 – Ed and Pete

October 6 – Pete

October 13 – Pete

October 20 – Ed (even though it is his wife’s birthday) and Norm B and Jim

October 27 – Ed and Norm B and Jim

November 13 GPD show Ted and Spencer,

One Comment Add yours

  1. Pete says:

    Jim, do you have a second for tomorrow? I’ll come if you don’t.



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