We are back to being open every week. Club members are welcome to run other days on their own.

We are no longer asking for a two member maximum so if you want to run on a Wednesday, feel free. In order to ensure we have coverage, please sign up if you plan to be there by contacting the club email or Ed Moses. We need to be sure we have coverage

John Scott is planning to start running every Saturday, so if you want to run on Saturday you will have company. It will not be tracked here since we are not obligated to be open Saturday.

If you are not seeing a monthly note from the club, let us know by contacting the email above.

Jan 26 Ed M, Les Pete

Feb 2 Les, Pete

Feb 9 Les Pete

Feb 16

Feb 23

Feb 30 (just kidding) March2

March 9

March 16

March 23

March 30

One Comment Add yours

  1. Pete says:

    Jim, do you have a second for tomorrow? I’ll come if you don’t.



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