Structures and Scenery

Les gave us a presentation on building structures (and water). He explained the differnt types of kits and buildings available, how to add lighting including room by room

1 les structures

lighting and how to beef up the kits to last a lifetime.

3 les struct

Les’ structures can be seen on many of the Green Valley modules

IN March, Mike gave us a weathering and container class

Mike gave us hints on the fine line between weathering to look like the models are dirty, and looking like they are ready for scrap. He also showed us how to create containers for those mile long intermodal trains we all complain about waiting for at crossings.

Photos of our buildings and details.

Bills town has remarkable detail, look inside the buildings!

And what is happening on the roof?img_1652

Individually cut logs on those flat cars..img_1653

img_1650Household maintenance

IMG_1676Here we are loading ore in the Cleveland docks while a pair of Apache Railway Alcos roll by. Look at the detail on the handbuilt Hulett ore unloaders.

Around the layout

At the pondIMG_1756 (1)


Town at the corner, impressive with all the lights, but that grade on the right is a challenge!



The marble quarry, with the yard behind it.



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